Omega Beveiliging & Advies stands for quality. Omega Beveiliging & Advies has the Brand Security in  Horeca, both issued by the Dutch Security branch. The quality marks guarantee the quality level of the service, for example in the field of administration and work procedures. With the quality marks, Omega Beveiliging & Advies shows that the services are realized in a transparent, honest and reliable manner.

Omega Beveiliging & Advies is also a member of the Dutch Safety Sector and the VBE (Vereniging Beveiligingsorganisaties Nederland). Omega Beveiliging & Advies also invests continuously in human capital. In this way, the employees are trained and specialized in training, training and exercises, depending on the nature of their work location. Think, for example, of training in the field of Security Awareness, loss and aggression and violence.

To ensure quality, Omega Beveiliging & Advies uses a security management system. The work of the security officers is transparent and easy for our clients to follow. This way reports can be retrieved directly and activities such as control rounds can be monitored in real time. On the basis of the data, management reports can be generated in which the success rate of the relevant KPIs (such as the number of inspection rounds performed) is displayed.

Omega Beveiliging & Advies’ specializes in providing security and surveillance services and security advice. The current services provide for all security and surveillance needs.

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Email: info@omegabeveiliging.nl
Website: www.omegabeveiliging.nl

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