Security in the public sector is a contemporary hot item. Public safety has the highest priority within the public sector. Security Management within the healthcare sector must completely focus on the organization, people, facility, technology and Incident Response.

The care facility safety guards of ‘Omega Beveiliging & Advies’ are adequately trained to ensure a safe environment regarding staff, visitors and patients within a healthcare institution. For example, the care facility security guards are periodically trained in dealing with aggression and violence. In addition, the care facility security guards are responsible for supervising the physical security of the object.

Social news and threats are the basis for training and practicing special cases, such as child abduction, CBRN or an active shooter. ‘Omega Beveiliging & Advies’ trains the staff of the client in the field of Security Awareness and Safe Care. In the event of calamities, a project coordinator participates in the crisis team and the care institution is taken care of around ​​traffic management.

Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Spain, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland and the Netherlands have collaborated on a European standard in the field of security management within healthcare institutions (CEN / TS 16850: 2015). ‘Omega Beveiliging & Advies’ can help you go through all the steps regarding implementation of the security management within your healthcare institution.

Omega Beveiliging & Advies’ specializes in providing security and surveillance services and security advice. The current services provide for all security and surveillance needs.

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