There are attractive goods in many logistics companies that have an attraction for malicious parties. Despite a decrease in transport crime, internal and external crime within the logistics sector costs hundreds of millions of euros every year.

‘Omega Beveiliging & Advies’ can support you in implementing or maintaining a thorough security management system, possibly in line with the desired certifications such as ISO28000, TAPA and AEO. ‘Omega Beveiliging & Advies’ can help think about every link in the Supply Chain, from storage and transhipment to transport security.

‘Omega Beveiliging & Advies’ trains the logistic security guards to recognize deviating situations (Predictive Profiling) and learns them to think and understand the criminal mind (Red Teaming). It ensures that the logistic security guards working within your logistics company identify potential harmful (human) influences early on and can interrupt these.

‘Omega Beveiliging & Advies’ can also secure your transport. A transport security guard will then track your load – taking care not to stand out – and ensure compliance with the applicable standards. In the event of incidents, the transport security officer can act quickly, for example, they can call in the emergency services in the event of disruption or robbery.

Omega Beveiliging & Advies’ specializes in providing security and surveillance services and security advice. The current services provide for all security and surveillance needs.

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