The caretakers of ‘Omega Beveiliging & Advies’ ensure the safety, representation and orderliness of the environment of your (company) building.The caretakers of ‘Omega Beveiliging & Advies’ are the primary point of contact when it comes to faults, defects and other problems within and around your building. In addition, the caretaker deals with the (social) supervision of safety and the maintenance of your property and the environment.


The hosts/hostesses of ‘Omega Beveiliging & Advies’ act as your mobile receptionists. They receive your visit in a hospitable manner. They accompany your visit, refer your visit and are the primary source of information. In addition to their informative tasks, the hosts and hostesses of ‘Omega Beveiliging & Advies’ are also trained in Security Awareness. They function as eyes and ears when it comes to signalling unsafe or suspicious situations.

Fire guards

When there is a need for supervision during roofworks, fire-hazardous activities, events and fire alarms, ‘Omega Beveiliging & Advies’ can provide certified fire guards.

‘Omega Beveiliging & Advies’ will not only answer your fire safety questions in incidental working conditions, if a (longer) long-term commitment is required, a risk profile can be drawn up, which also considers the environmental factors.

Traffic controllers

‘Omega Beveiliging & Advies’ provides traffic controllers and parking attendants for events and emergencies. With the use of the traffic controllers, good traffic handling is guaranteed. The traffic controllers are dressed in orange reflection trousers with the approved traffic control vest above.

The traffic controllers are ‘Fully competent’, that is, they have successfully completed the course and are in possession of the traffic controller card.

Possibly they are additionally in possession of VCA, first aid with resuscitation and BRL9101.

Reception services

The receptionists at ‘Omega Beveiliging & Advies’ are the calling card for your company. They receive your visit in a professional and hospitable way.

Tasks they perform can include access control, terrain and monitor security, key management, receiving visitors and answering the phone. In addition, they can be deployed to take over your light administrative work.

Omega Beveiliging & Advies’ specializes in providing security and surveillance services and security advice. The current services provide for all security and surveillance needs.

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