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‘Omega Beveiliging en Advies’ was founded in 1999 and specializes in supplying security services, surveillance services and security advice. The current service provides for all security and surveillance tasks. As a supplier of security, Omega provides you with advice and assistance regarding your integral security policy and the appropriate measures for you regarding security and safety. We are always looking for innovative security solutions that fits with your business processes and are compatible with your additional wishes.


The communal call for safety is increasing. Human capital enables ‘Omega Beveiliging & Advies’ to meet this need.

‘Omega Beveiliging en Advies’ relies entirely on its employees, their integrity and performance. This is shown by making the work transparent and measurable. In this way the added value of both employees and products becomes clear for all in- and external target groups.


We specialize in providing integrated security services and security resources. Our strengths lie in recognizing risks through a thorough analysis and the application of integral safety measures. We are committed to deliver work customized to our clients’ needs. Here we continue to stand out for our honest, innovative and flexible approach.

With our team, consisting of around 60 security staff, we continue to serve various clients around Middle and West Brabant. Our employees are distinguished by their representative appearance and flexible attitude
Arno Will

Operations manager

Radjesh Ramsoebhag

Managing Director

Dennis Hens

Project Manager

All our employees are periodically screened by the Ministry of Justice. Undeterred behavior is a must to perform security work. The security guards working at ‘Omega Beveiliging & Advies’ are in possession of at least their security certificate ABM, Security Guard 2, or currently studying for Security Guard 2. Fitting to your needs, employees can be deployed who have access to the following (additional) training:

Our employees are dressed based on the type of object. The standard costume consists of a black three-piece suit, worn on a white shirt and completed with a representative clip-on tie. Based on the work environment and/or your additional wishes, further agreements can be made about the costume. Of course, our costume also features our recognizable logo and the legally required V-sign.

●  MBO-3 Cordinator Security
●  MBO-4 Framework Certificate Security
●  CPO (Certified Protection Officer)
●  Health protection
●  Registry Security

●  Store surveillance
●  Event Security Officer
●  Hospitality porter
●  Conflict management/Aggression and violence
●  Visitation
●  Camera surveillance
●  Resilience training
●  Company emergency services/Fire safety
●  Safety, health and environment Checklist Contractors


Of course, we will securely handle your data! After all, we are a security agency.

      Omega Beveiliging & Advies’ specializes in providing security and surveillance services and security advice. The current services provide for all security and surveillance needs.

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      Fax: +31 76 579 2540
      Email: info@omegabeveiliging.nl
      Website: www.omegabeveiliging.nl

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